Olathe Lawn Services

The reputable and reliable arborists here at Arbor Tree Care provide the best lawn service Olathe, KS has ever seen. For all your shrub, bush, tree, and grass needs, please give us a call at %(913) 586-0323%. We’ll happily service your yard with the highest level of quality and efficiency possible, tackling a number of different customized lawn services your Olathe, KS home may be in need of.

(913) 586-0323

Tree Services in Olathe, KS

For tree trimming in Olathe, KS, tree pruning in Olathe, KS, and tree removal in Olathe, KS, we are the company to call. Our experienced arborists can ensure your trees live happy and healthy lives with proper care and maintenance. Conversely, if you need tree removal in Olathe, KS, particularly for trees that are too close to your home and threaten to fall in after heavy snow, we can do that too. We have the equipment to ensure your property and trees are safe and sound. And for that old, worn out stump that invites termites into your home? Look no further. We’re equipped to remove stumps as well with a professional quality stump grinder. For all your Olathe tree care needs, turn to us here at Arbor Tree Care.

Properly Caring for your Shrubbery

Perhaps one of the more neglected areas of the lawn are your shrubs. Shrub care is something we pride ourselves on and can ensure your shrubs last long and look great. With proper pruning you won’t believe what life they can add to a garden.

Service for a Great Looking Lawn

For the most lush looking grass on the street, we've got you covered. Feel free to choose any type, brand, or kind of grass to be laid out and we can get to work. It’s even possible to blend certain kinds together! We’ll recommend the proper fertilizer for you and your lawn to give it the most rich look and feel available.